Membership is essentially by invitation, though you can always ask. But you do need a functioning blog of some years’ standing.


Membership does not imply that we are acting as a [formal] collective. We associate here freely, united only by our commitment to good writing and mutual support and encouragement.

We uphold the right to freedom of speech. No member can be assumed to concur with any of the views of any other member, political or otherwise. We are willing to consider alternative views even if they seem distasteful, so long as they are not actionable in civil or criminal law.

Our mission

To honour and promote the work of unpaid internet writers.

Criteria for invitation to membership

1. The blog/site has been online for what is judged to have been a reasonable period.

2. The writer is active, posting new material from time to time.

3. The material is well-written.

4. The blog/site has some variety of subject and content, or if on a single issue shows authoritative depth of understanding.

5. The writer is willing to engage with others in comment and debate, conducted in a civil manner.

6.  The writer conducts his blog in the spirit of ‘netiquette’ and not in a way actionable in civil or criminal law.

See Frank Davis’s words on the About page for our virtual mission statement.


Members are asked to display the current Scriblerus badge, embedded, directing the reader to the Scriblerus member site. Many members also include on their blog a blogroll, for their readers to be able to read the work of fellow Scriblerians.

These criteria can change by vote of the membership.

– Sackerson, James, 04-08-16