scriblerus border largeToday’s Scriblerus Club is an informal association of authors, all bloggers of some years standing, adopting the group persona of Martin Scriblerus.

The paragraphs below, written by Frank Davis, could well be our mission statement:

… which has me wondering what it is I like in blogs. And I think that one thing that I like in a blog is someone with a distinct personality and history. The more I know about a blogger, the more they become real people. Like Leg-iron with his miniature railways, and Dick Puddlecote with his trucking business.

I think that to the extent they’re real people, who are saying what they think (rather than what they think they ought to think), such bloggers are more influential than paid columnists in newspapers – a bit like the comments under a blog are also frequently more real and informative than the blog itself.

That perhaps sums it up better than any other. Frank, our man of letters, adds:

Scriblerus is maybe akin to a celestial constellation like Orion. It’s a small patch of the sky with links between the stars, some of which might be quite bright, others less, but which form a pattern or shape. Or something along those lines… The constellation actually pre-existed before its name.

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